Are Presidential Executive Orders Forerunners of Government by Decree?

When President Barack Obama warned of foregoing negotiating the upcoming debt ceiling, he was signaling a serious attempt at “government by decree.” The first shot of this second term government style (if you’ll pardon the pun) is the revocation of private use of assault weapons. This will be done in the urgency of enforcing national security.

As has already been proven several times in Obama’s first term, during the episode of “czars” literally enforcing decisions over the automotive, insurance and financial institutions, this government by decree, which included giving unlimited restrictive power to the Environmental Protection Agency, was only a forerunner of what’s in store during the second term.

Those naive enough to believe that the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court will effectively challenge this step-by-step power grab, should acquaint themselves with the history of the German Republic in the early 1930′s. At that time, Germany functioned under a constitution considered the most advanced among parliamentary-controlled regimes, considered fool-proof against military takeover or coup d’ etat. Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s takeover was organized in the guise of national security (article 17 of the German Constitution) precipitated by the Nazi burning “Reichstag,” the German equivalent of the U.S. Congress. The Nazis blamed it on the Communists, who were delegitizmized by this fraudulent charge. It signaled the end of democracy, and Hitler’s total power grab.

The U.S. Supreme Court displayed its weakness, when even the conservative Chief Justice, John Roberts, inexplicably refused to cast the deciding vote which would have scuttled the increasingly unpopular “Obamacare.”

Having been re-elected, and totally insulated against the worst case two-thirds vote needed for impeachment and conviction (which needs 2/3 majorities in both Houses), President Obama will attempt to rule by executive decree during his second term. With the majority of the American public supportive of the President, and with an adroit “handler” of Congress in Vice President Joe Biden (as proven in the fiscal cliff episode), the President will tighten his grip on America’s future in enforcing further wealth redistribution. This has already been announced by its stating that current “tax reform” is only the beginning. The appointment of Hagel, Lew, and Kerry to the most critical cabinet posts, of Defense, Treasury and State, indicates Obama is more interested in cronies than ability. The retention of Eric Holder as Attorney General puts an exclamation point on this belief.

Whether the courageous core of Constitution-abiding” American spokespersons and their believers will let this happen will be determined before the 2014 mid-term elections.

It is our fervent hope that history’s previous disastrous examples of the Twentieth Century are not repeated in the greatest land ever established in the long and tortuous history of mankind. We’ll soon find out.

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