Brand Name Identification Paramount in Soft Consumption Economy

As America’s turgid economic recovery keeps plugging along, it comes as no surprise that in every business/industry sub-sector there are a small handful of companies that do well disproportionately. This is due to brand name identification, which allows these business units to fare far better than their competition, even in the worst of times. As such severe, deep recessionary periods will always be manifest in a capitalist system, a superior brand name has always been the best insurance to prevent economic disaster, even in the worst of times.

Although superior brand names are normally associated with such high style consumer products as men and women’s fashions or wear, as well as automotive usage, and food products, brand name identification is becoming an increasingly important factor in industrial products. Since the heavy duty industrial sector has been the last bastion of hold out when it comes to the need for advertising, public relations, and sales promotion, the underpinning of successful brand name amplification, even in this hard-nosed sector, is starting to embrace such belief systems.

Having been a life-long business devotee of brand name identification, as a logical tool for building recognition for deserving product lines and companies, I used this technique within the $50 billion pipe-valve-fitting sector to take a tiny ($2.5 million per annum) plumbing brass producer in 1960 and built it into a $120 million annual revenues valve industry giant before transitioning into other challenges in the mid-1980′s.

The current demand economy makes respected identification even more critical than ever before in those businesses that are best qualified to resolve such problems. Such issues as product quality under stressful conditions, “just in time service,” and reasonable competitiveness are coming forth as industry/business leaders; no matter how obscure these companies may seem to the population at large.

This is already proving itself to companies with which I consult, in that their revenues and profits are running well ahead of their particular sub-sector’s average. Getting out their brand name message amplifies the company stature that possesses a combination of the previously indicated advantages.

Industrial businesses, especially, which must steer their organizations more carefully than ever through a combination of quality hazards, government regulation tightening, and uninhibited foreign competition, will find that projecting an outstanding message to customers and prospects alike will put them well ahead of their competitors. It opens the gap with those who have not embraced this concept, which must be based on the valid bedrock of performance.

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