Diverse Global Overpopulation Engenders Increasing Economic Instability

As the incessant turmoil in the Mideast is proving, there seems to be a growing relationship between unrestrained population growth and explosive restiveness, inspired by the lack of even minimal economic progress in nations suffering from this malady. This is accompanied by an overwhelming illiteracy rate, making such populations particularly susceptible to the visceral pandering of groups such as Al Qaeda.

Although the radical unrest nurtured by Islamist radicals was originally attributed to the brutal domain of such heavy-handed dictators as Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Libya’s Muammar Gadaffi, and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, what is now emerging is not the Western liberal-inspired “Jeffersonian democracy,” but unrestrained anarchy, falling back on those Islamist nations’ traditional tribal antagonism.

The world population growth that has witnessed a doubling to over 7 billion in the past 50 years has also swelled the global population of uneducated illiterates of under 20 years of age. This group is most prone to the fanatical provocateurs that are now taking over leadership in a previously repressed, but stable segment of the Arab World, whose population has grown to well over 500 million.

Combined with record unemployment and growing demand for political power and economic fulfillment, this explosive population surge is further influenced by a dynamic global telecommunications revolution. When you throw religious fanaticism into this mix, no solution is in the offing to dampen the ardor of the terror groups that have been unleashed by the many Mideast dictators’ downfall. Conversely, the upending of the once Western European dominators of those one-time Colonial empires of the Mideast, Africa, and most of Asia has paralleled a population and economic power decline since the end of the two lethal world wars of the first half of the 20th Century.

In an attempt to maintain at least part of the Western European traditional power structure, first NATO and the European Community of nations was organized to somehow equate a loose-jointed United States of Europe, following the American example.

The strains of this apparently inevitable failure of its “Eurozone Monetary Alliance” are due to the inequality of member nations to generate economic viability. A huge mistake early on was the expectation of that area’s huge middle class and workers’ governments to expect the living standards of the pre-World War I colonial days. But devoid of Colonial low-cost resources, productivity, and expectations of greater wage and fringe benefits have put excessive strain on Germany and a handful of smaller nations to fund the unsupportable lifestyles for all Eurozone members that have come to be expected.

This circumstance has been further complicated by the millions of refugees and workers that have been hosted by the European nations to fill the one-time employment gap left by the unproductive European population void. Economically speaking, a further degeneration of Western Europe as an importer/exporter and manufacturing center could have serious future global consequences, as that sub-continent represents 20% of the world’s $55 trillion annual gross domestic product.
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