Romney Puts Potential US Energy Superiority Into Proper Perspective

In the glow of a stunning debate victory by presidential contender Mitt Romney, I was particularly delighted by his advocacy of the “87% energy solution” (coal, oil, natural gas) which I have espoused for the past year. I was also thrilled by Romney putting into subsidiary perspective the renewable energy exaggeration. This sub-sector owes its very sustenance to government subsidies and $90 billion of taxpayer loans to companies on the verge of going belly up.

It’s been my contention that America’s oil, natural gas and coal reserves put the U.S. in the position of not only dwarfing the cumulative “underground” coal, oil and natural gas of Russia and OPEC; but U.S. energy independence holds the key to solving America’s unemployment, revenue enhancement, budget balance, and debt reduction problems.

As a committed devotee of the “87 percent” solution, with less than 10% renewables making up the difference for the rest of this century, which I had forwarded in writing to Governor Mitt Romney earlier in the year, I’m hopeful that the presidential aspirant will be placed in the position of capitalizing on the energy gifts that have been placed at the disposal of this previously blessed nation, and its two neighbors, Canada and Mexico.

I’m even further encouraged by the possible abrogation of the extremist Environmental Protection Agency and its aggressive champion Lisa Jackson. This organization is on the verge of bankrupting the coal sector, of which America retains the world’s most prodigious reserves, capable of 100 years of power generation and steel conversion usage.

But, most important, the lights of future hope for this country’s greatness, which have been severely dimming lately, are being revived by the anticipation of a new leadership; This guidance not only understands, but is in a position to exploit the God-given blessings that appeared to have been slipping away from America, at the time of the world’s greatest tribulations.

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