Houston Becomes Centerpoint of US Economic Future

When analyzing economic rebounds from previous deep recessions, these were inevitably focused on specific production sectors and the metropolitan centers in which they were based. In the touch-and-go post World War II period, when the shift back to peacetime solutions from an unprecedented military buildup elicited fears of a new depression, the demand for millions of automobiles, and an unexpected outburst of new homes led the nation to a 1950′s prosperity eclipsing even the most rosy predictions.

The genesis of this massive surge was centered in the Midwest and Northeast, with great manufacturing centers such as Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Boston leading the charge.

With much of the developing world ravaged by the desecration of the world’s worst war ever, this opportunity to rebuild such destruction pulled America from fear of post-war depression to decades of gross domestic product generation, never heretofore experienced in nation-building history.

At the present point of America’s history of pulling out of deep economic holes, all signs point to U.S.-based energy development as the critical factor in reversing the current plunge into structural unemployment, destructive national debts, and outrageous annual deficits.

The focal point of such a monumental reversal can only be accomplished by embracing the opportunities inherent in the exploration of all aspects of fossil fuel extraction. This includes refining, transmission, and exporting of the greatest cumulative combination of oil, natural gas, and coal reposing anywhere in the world.

With coal currently in the eclipse, Houston, Texas fits the bill of making the energy solution happen far more than any other metropolitan instigator. Its position of geographic center, within a 500 mile circumference, where much of this explosively growing industry is booming, puts Houston in the key position of being the focal point of energy’s long term potential.

The embryonic combination of these activities has already brought the Texas metropolis back to the strong employment level that existed before the mid-2008 global financial crash.

There is no doubt that this Houston-triggered energy blast-off is well on its way. How fast and far it can gather steam is yet to be determined by the leadership emerging from the upcoming presidential elections.
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